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Here is a draft concerning proactive guidelines based on a bilingual preprint submission French/English article.

Translation report[edit | edit source]

Here is a return about how I've translated an original article coming from fr.Wikiversity :

  • Import from fr.wikiversity to en.wikivesity by a custodian/curator or copy past the wikicode and leave a permalink to the fr.wikiversity page on resume box.
  • Adapt all template from French to English (big deal) using find and replace tool and some time the visual editor to translate something in the template parameter.
  • Open the page in French with the visual editor on en.wikiversity and a second one for the future English version
  • Copy and paste a chapter or some paragraph in (free version) or other automatic text translator.
  • Copy and paste its translation in the English page always with the visual editor. The result is that all the note references to have disappeared.
  • Add them one by one always with a copy and paste note references from one visual editor to another and then all template contain will follow.
  • Asking for native English speaker to proofread the text without changing the meaning.
  • For more information coming from this experience contact Lionel Scheepmans