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WiFi universal card (2004 year)[edit]

It is a thin plastic card like a credit card by which you pay for all kinds of shopping. Confirmation of a payment is going by providing your secret number. On this way a seller will locate your card by WiFi Terminal (news from WiFi Alliance) http://www.wi-fi.org and will make a request to your bank. And further the situation is the same like with simple card.

Also this card could be programmed as a door key of houses, cars and etc. Also this card could be like a passport too, so any government department will not ask you to show the passport. They will have your information on the screen already.

To the end, in the future you will have an ID WiFi card and you will able to use all the things what belong to you without any losing of the time. Day by day, year by year you will start to forget the locks and complicated openings of doors. Sometimes it is very problematically. The electronic system will do it for you, then you will have more time to spend more effectively.