Why do plants store food?

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Plants store food for lots of different reasons. Stored food helps them to survive,grow and reproduce. We are lucky that they do so because if they didn't do so everything living would die out. The reason for this is that the main food resource for every living thing is plant.

  • In the summer-time, plants photosynthesis more and so more food is produced by them. The food produced by them can't be wasted and so they store it.
  • Storing the food helps them to use it in winter and survive because there is very less sunlight available and so they photosynthesis less. For example, carrots store food in its roots and live on it all winter and in summers a new plant grows from these roots.
  • When they have extra food they store it in their seeds and when the seed grows it gets it's food from the plant until the plant is able to photosynthesis and produce its food.

Good food storage is very important for a plant. Without this their leaves would not be able to photosynthesis and would not be able to produce any food. Rhubarb plant have poisonous leaves so that animals do not eat them.