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The goal is to understand the difference between the Internet and the Web and also understand the historical development of the internet and web technologies.

historical moments[edit | edit source]

w:History_of_the_World_Wide_Web and w:World_Wide_Web#History could be of help

important people[edit | edit source]

include this section? whom to include? Only technology people or also people that created commercial or open source products?

military phase[edit | edit source]

  • arpanet

research phase[edit | edit source]

pre web[edit | edit source]

  • goopher
  • usenet
  • ...

all pre web internet based technologies that where somewhat similar to the web built on closed architectures which was problematic.

web[edit | edit source]

commercial phase[edit | edit source]

dot com bubble[edit | edit source]

Social web and web 2.0[edit | edit source]