Web Science/Part1: Foundations of the web/Transmission Control Protocol/Three way handshake/quiz

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1 Which flags are set in which phase of the handshake messages

1st Message
2nd Message
3rd Message

2 What is the difference between a TCP client and a TCP server?

only if the client asks for data the server can respond with data
only clients can start the process of a three way handshake
only servers can start the process of a three way handshake
once the connection is established both the client and server can send data at any time.
there is not difference between client and server

3 Once the three way handshake was used to establish a connection. What will happen if a packet from host A is not acknowledged?

the connection will be closed by A
the packet will be send over and over again by A
A initiates a trace root so that it can decide if there is still a physical connection with the recipient.
A will send the packet again with an increased priority