Web 2.0 Social Networking

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Web 2.0 Social Networking

1. What is the site you selected?[edit | edit source]

My selected site was Digg site which is a social news webisites. It associate with allowing participants and members to vote stories and news up and down. When stories are up load daily, and people vote that stories, it will appear on the front page. There are many categories such as technology, business, science, games, lifeslyle and entertainment and sports.

2. What is the site's purpose and why is it considered a web 2.0 site?[edit | edit source]

The purpose of the site was to be a website that was a meduim for people to explore and she information on the web. It allows people to vote not only stories, but news, videos, images that were submitted by different authors and the popularity of the news was determined by people and what they like best. Oncne that story gets more and more votes, it will be on the front page for others to view. Furthermore, people are allow to discuss about the content. Digg also allows people to connect with Facebook--it allows users of Facebook and Digg to connect their accounts, when the account are connected, Digg articles can be shared on the facebook page. Web 2.0 is web applications that allows users to interact, share information, discussion and collborate on the world wide web. Digg is considered a web 2.0 site because it is considered a social netowrking, video sharing sites in which everyone can associate, discuss and vote stories they like, thus Digg allows users to interact and contribute to the site.

3. What is your favorite website and why[edit | edit source]

I think that i like Digg the most becuase I don't play games, and cellufun associates with mobile social games so i don't really know about games. Also, in MOG, i don't really like listening to foriegn music, I don't download music, I only listen to radio. And for Meetup, I don't like arranging all these offline group meeting. Therefore, the only web 2.0 that suits me the best is probably Digg, because I like to read and update news and stories. Also in Digg, they also provides video along with the article, for example, I'm a basketball fans, and in Digg i get to read the article about LeBron's elbow injury and also get to see the real video of him shooting freethrow with his left arm. --Eveve20 11:00, 7 May 2010 (UTC)

Discussion questions[edit | edit source]

  • How can you use social media to further your own learning?
  • How can blockchain be integrated with social media networks to benefit many stakeholders?
  • Is it ethical for publicly traded social media companies to earn advertising money from user created content without sharing that money with creators?

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