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JSON Editor as AppLSAC for loading and saving JSON files and processing the file in the browser with a JSON Editor

In this learning resource you will be able to create an AppLSAC. Defining in 5 minutes.

  • The generated AppLSAC will be an editor for a data format of your choice.
  • The data will be stored in a JSON and the data format will be defined in a JSON schema.

Defining an appropriate data structure for your purpose and domain is a learning task on its. In this learing resource we will focus on a workflow from a given JSON towards the generatd JSON Editor as AppLSAC.

Learning Task[edit | edit source]

Create a JSON Editor as AppLSAC[edit | edit source]

The JSON Editor uses the upload feature of browsers for a server upload to load a local JSON file into the browser without submitting the file to servers on the internet (see AppLSAC/Load). The download feature of browsers for files from remote servers is used to save files to your local file system (see AppLSAC/Save). The difference is that the JSON file in not download from the internet. The JSON file was generated in the browser.

JSON2Schema is an AppLSAC[edit | edit source]

JSON2Schema is itself an AppLSAC[3]. If you start JSON2Schema directly from GitLab your run it as AppLSAC-1. It you download JSON2Schema from GitLab your can run it as AppLSAC-2 i.e. you can perform the JSON Editor generation also offline in your browser.

Learning Resources[edit | edit source]

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References[edit | edit source]

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