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Wireless weather stations can be a real bonus when you wish to understand trending weather patterns. Personally, I've owned one wireless weather station for over two years now.

I've learned many great things with this wonderful device, one being that I can pretty accurately predict the weather just by watching the trending barametric pressure. What will normally happen is that the pressure will drop, then rise within about a 12 hour period.

Once the wireless weather station shows a dropping barometric pressure that dips much lower then before, then I know that we are in for a great storm. Time to lock down the hatches.

This only came through time and experience. I do find this procedure to be more than 90% accurate. There are times when the weather will be tricky but, most of the time, it comes through.

What really helps is a shifting wind pattern, too. Watching wind speed allows me to guess how fast the changing weather pattern is emerging in my area. Winds over 20km/hr will normally indicate a real weather shift.

I personally would recommend purchasing your own wireless weather station if you wish to learn much about how weather operates.

Here's another tidbit for you. Weather will move into an area in waves, much like a tide coming in or out. We especially witness this effect right here in sunny Alberta.