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Rushworth Kidder’s Shared Values[edit | edit source]

After interviewing 24 courageous and thoughtful men and women of conscience from around the world, author Rushworth Kidder concluded that eight values are widely, almost universally, accepted.[1] These common values are:

  • love (compassion)—Caring for others, helping others,
  • truthfulness—honesty, keeping your promises, communicating clearly and accurately, veracity, being trustworthy,
  • fairness—following the Golden Rule, equality, symmetry,
  • freedom—freedom of expression, freedom from oppression, freedom of action when combined with personal responsibility,
  • unity—community, inclusiveness, cooperation, valuing our interdependencies,
  • tolerance—acknowledging the dignity of all, respecting the rights of others, refusing to hate, being open to other points of view,
  • responsibility—care for yourself, care for others, care for the future, and
  • respect for life—do not kill.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Kidder, Rushworth M. (1994). Shared Values for a Troubled World: Conversations with Men and Women of Conscience. Jossey-Bass. pp. 332. ISBN 978-1555426033.