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This is a course description for Languages --> Southeast Asian languages --> Vietnamese Language --> VSL 1
It describes VSL (Vietnamese as a Second Language)

VSL 1[edit | edit source]

VSL 1 is the first certificate issued by universities teaching Vietnamese as a second language.

  • It is aimed at adults.
  • It expects speaking in an approximate manner for basic general expressions.
  • It is expected to be practiced with a partner, and demonstrated for a (fluent) supervisor.
  • Demonstrations of the phrases are a necessity (Alternatively viewed through online content or tutoring/partnering sites).
  • An additional requirement is the ability to read and understand the basic expressions used.

Speed of reading and speaking: this is not a fluency stage - slower dialogue can be requested.

Duration: The basic introductory phrases used in VSL 1 only requires 20 to 32 hours a week for a total eight weeks. It is expected that people incapable of using a tonal language will spend extra time developing this capacity. Commonly, English/European speakers can take this course twice. Failing this introduction once or twice is not remarkable.

Note: Don't let tutors excessively harass you over the poor use of the language in an ongoing basis. It is a tonal language which requires some restructuring of the capacity to perform linguistically. The introduction can take many months if your linguistic performance previously had an entirely alternate basis.

Matriculation: Competency in VSL 1 can be demonstrated for acceptance to VSL 2. (Universities can accept VSL 2 as the entry point for Vietnamese people that took childhood lessons).

Competency: The vocabulary required is predominantly akin to 'survival Vietnamese' and 'introductions'. But, the survival Vietnamese may be too nationalized for correct use in several regions - it's not very good as 'street-talk'. It is the vocabulary/competency for survival phrases, but they must be diligently practiced and improved with local hosts in regular usage. The competency for VSL 1 will show 'educators' that you are on the path to having at least those simple phrases in good use!

However, it is too simple for common use far beyond supervised and partnered communication.

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