University of Mithila in mediaeval period

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<Ancient Mithila University

The University of Mithila was famous for Nyaya Shastra. The Nyaya Shastra was later developed by Udayana and Gangesha Upadhyaya in the mediaeval period. It is known as Navya Nyaya school of Indian philosophy. Udayana wrote Nyayakushmanjali and Gangesha Upadhyaya wrote Tattva Chintamani.

From 12th century to 15th century, it was important center for learning and cultures.

The university attracted students from different parts of Indian subcontinent, who were not allowed to take any written material with them after completing their studies. The university was patronised by the local rulers and Brahmins of the Mithila region.

Kumarila Bhatta, Mandana Mishra, Vachaspati Mishra, Pakshadhar Mishra, Sarvabhaum Vasudeva, Raghunath Shiromani, Vidyapati and Chandeshwar Thakur etc were some prominent scholars during Mediaeval period. They flourished the higher educational system of the University of Mithila.