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Problem 7.1[edit]

On my honor, I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid in doing this assignment. 


The free body diagram to the right was given for the problem.

Plane Truss From Professor's Notes


Solve 2-element frame system using same data for 2-bar truss system.
Solve 2-element truss system.


Frame Problem[edit]

A basic form is shown below:

Equations derived from stiffness equations:

Globle stiffness equation is shown below:

Q matrix is shown below:

Force matrix is show below:

Matrix for the system is shown below:

The reduced stiffness is

To solve for the displacements

After matrix math.

After solving for the forces the result is

Below is a figure of the new deformed frame plotted with the undeformed frame.

Deformed frame in red plotted with the undeformed frame in black.

Truss Problem[edit]

Undeformed frame in red plotted.
Deformed frame in blue plotted.