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EGM6321 - Principles of Engineering Analysis 1, Fall 2010[edit | edit source]

Mtg 1: Thur,24Aug10

Page 11-1

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HW P.10-4 (continued)
2) Assume , Eq(8) P.10-3 becomes

Where and from K.p.512

Find expression for in terms of .


NOTE: cf. to K.p.512

1) K. etal. did not derive expression Eq.(1)p.10-3

"pulling rabbit out of hat"

2) without constant in K.2003

Page 11-2

[edit | edit source]


Eq.(6)p.10-3 :2 constants and

Eq.(1)p.10-3 :

Eq.(6)p.10-3 :

But Eq.(5)p.10-2 is L1_ODE_VC

HW: Show that is not necessary.

HW: Show Eq.(6)p.10-3 agrees with K.p.512, i.e.

HW: Find independant, i.e. solve

How about  ? Variation fo parameters (later)

Page 11-3

[edit | edit source]

A class of exact N1_ODE:

Recall Eq.(7)p.10-1 (Case 1)
One possibility to satisfy this condition: Consider:







Where Eq(6) is a L1_ODE_VC (not necessarily exact, but can be made exact: integrating factor method)

Application: Consider


F09: Find such that Eq.(7) is exact

Page 11-4

[edit | edit source]

Question: But Eq.(6)p.11-3 is linear!
Find N1_ODEs that are exact or can be made exact by integrating factor method.

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