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EGM6321 - Principles of Engineering Analysis 1, Fall 2010[edit | edit source]

Mtg 1: Tue, 24 Aug 10

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[edit | edit source]

- course website, wiki

- high-speed trains

German transrapid (electromagentic attraction)

Japanese MAglev (electrodynamic repulsion)

Grench TGV (wheel on rail)

Vu Quoc and Olsson 1989 CMAME

vehicle/structure interaction, where vehicle is the high speed maglev and the structure is the the flexible guideway

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[edit | edit source]

nominal position of wheel (w/o guideway definition)

, horizontal coordinate

axial deformation (displacement) of guideway, where is the time parameter

transverse deformation (displacement) of guideway

, where := means equal by definition (non symmetric)

NOTE: and def are symbols (no direction)

means A is defined by B

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[edit | edit source]

means B is defined by A

Axial displacement under moving wheel/magnet



General setting: , where







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