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EGM6321 - Principles of Engineering Analysis 1, Fall 2009[edit]

Mtg 9: Thur, 10Sept09

Page 9-1



Note: Symbol notations:

defined as equal by definition

Non-symmetric notation means equal by definition as well, better notation than

Goal: Derive mathematical structure of a class of exact N1_ODEs

Exact L1_ODE_VC:


Application: Just invent any

Page 9-2



HW: Show that Eq(3) L1_ODE_VC is "exact". See Note P.10-1

Question: How about N1_ODEs? Eq.(2)P.6-4

N1 means Nonlinear, 1st Order




Eq.(2) P.6-4:

Page 9-3


Eq.(4) P.9-2



From Eq.(6) P.9-3 , Eq.(4) P.9-2 and Eq.(3) P.4-2 obtain:


Application: Consider the following


HW: Show Eq(8) is "exact" N1_ODE. Note P.10-1

Page 9-4


L2_ODE_VC with missing dependant variable

Where due to missing dependant variable y.

Eq.(1)P.2-3 is a L1_ODE_VC

Solution: Eq.(4)P.8-2

Exact N2_ODEs:

General N2_ODEs:


is exact means such that