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EGM6321 - Principles of Engineering Analysis 1, Fall 2009[edit]

Mtg 35: Thurs, 12Nov09

Page 35-1


Gauss Legendre quadrature (numerical integration}

Quadrature; QUAD-->quadrilateral-->Greek: measuring areas

EGM6321 F10 TEAM1 WILKS xc mtg35 1.svg

Area Quadrilaterals

Cubature; CUBE; Volume cubes

with the roots for , where n is the degree of and being the weight

Page 35-2




where j=1,2,...,n



Ex: (2 point interpolation)

Eq.(3) P.31-3

Eq.(4) P.31-3

Page 35-3


HW: verify table for Gauss Legendre quadrature in wikipedia, analytical expression of and and (n=integration points) after verifying the expression for with ; (see HW p31-3 )

Evaluate numerically and and compute results with Abram & Stegum (see lecture plan)

Question: How does Gauss Legendre quadrature compare to other quadrature methods, e.g. trapezoidal rule?

Answer: Look at , Eq.(3) P.35-2. Consider ...