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EGM6321 - Principles of Engineering Analysis 1, Fall 2009

Mtg 23: Thurs, 15Octt09

Page 23-1

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HW: Non-homogeneous L2_ODE_VC (cf. K. p28, problem 1.1.ab)



1) Variation of parameters (after knowing
2) Alternative method: P.21-2 and P.21-3
Engineering application: Motivate L2_ODE_VC

Ware equation: Drums=vibrating membrane
Rectangular membrane
Circular membrane (Bessel functions)
Bessel differential equation
Chladni: Experimental method for vibrating modes of plates

Page 23-2

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EGM6321 F10 TEAM1 WILKS xc mtg23 1.svg
Wave eq: (PDE) solution by separation of variables
EGM6321 F10 TEAM1 WILKS xc mtg23 2.svg

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