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EGM6321 - Principles of Engineering Analysis 1, Fall 2009[edit | edit source]

Mtg 13: Tues, 22Sept09

Page 13-1

[edit | edit source]

Euler integrating factor method Eq.(1) P.12-3



HW: Find (m,n) such that Eq(1) is exact.

Result: A first integration is:


Where and and are constants

HW: Solve Eq(2) for HINT: L1_ODE_VC (integrating factor)

A class of exact L2_ODE_VC (how to invent more exact L2_ODE_VC)

HW: Find mathematical structure of that yields the above class

Page 13-2

[edit | edit source]

Where and

and and and



Eq.(2) P.13-1  : and and

Exact Nn_ODE's, where N means nonlinear and n means nth order


Where and and

Page 13-3

[edit | edit source]

Condition 1 for exactness:


Where is related term by term to

Condition 2 of exactness: , where


HW: Case (N1_ODE)


Page 13-4

[edit | edit source]

Case (N2_ODE)

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