University of Florida/Egm4313/s12 Wyatt Ling Report 2

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Report 2 Questions:

R2.1: Find the solution for general excitation for each of the 2 systems (1ab) and (2ab) above.
No excitation:
r(x) = 0
Plot the solution for each system.

R2.2: Given initial conditions
No excitation:

Find and plot the solution for L2-ODE-CC(4) p.5-5

R2.3: K 2011 p.59 problems 3, 4.

R2.4: K 2011 p.59 problems 5,6.

R2.5: K 2011 p.59 problems 16, 17.

R2.6: Realize a spring-dashpot-mass system in series as shown in Fig. p.1-4 with the same characteristic as in (3) p.5-5, i.e., with double real root lambda = 5, i.e., find the values for the parameters k, c, m.