University of Florida/Egm4313/s12 Wyatt Ling Report 1

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Report 1 Questions:

R1.1: Derive the equation of motion of a spring-dashpot system in parallel, with a mass and applied force f(t).
R1.2: Derive the equation of motion of the spring-mass-dashpot ing Fig. 53, in K 2011 p.85, with an applied force r(t) on the ball.
R1.3: For the spring-dashpot system on p.1-4 (of sec.1 notes), draw the FBD's and derive the equation of motion (2) p.1-4.
R1.4: Using the Circuit equation (see Sec2 Notes), derive equations (3) and (4) from it. R1.4: Also see K 2011 p.59 pbs.4-5.
R1.5: For each ODE in Fig.@ in K 2011 p.3 (except the last one involving a system of 2 ODEs), determine the order, linearity (or lack of), and show whether the principle of superposition can be applied.