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Problem R2.1

Part 1[edit]

Problem Statement[edit]

Given the two roots and the initial conditions:

Find the non-homogeneous L2-ODE-CC in standard form and the solution in terms of the initial conditions and the general excitation .
Consider no excitation:

Plot the solution


Characteristic Equation:[edit]


Non-Homogeneous L2-ODE-CC[edit]


Homogeneous Solution:[edit]

Since there is no excitation,


Substituting the given initial conditions:[edit]



Solving these two equations for and yields:


Final Solution[edit]



Part 2[edit]

Problem Statement[edit]

Generate 3 non-standard (and non-homogeneous) L2-ODE-CC that admit the 2 values in (3a) p.3-7 as the 2 roots of the corresponding characteristic equation.





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