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Course Information

Course Website: → "teaching" → "my course website" → "EGM 4200C Aerospace Structures" EGM 4200c Course website


Office: 135 NEB - MWF 9th (office hours)

Course Content

The Finite Element Method (FEM) makes solving partial differential equations (PDEs) convenient. This is integral to the study of Aerospace Structures, or its structural components.

The emphasis of the course will be to understand structural mechanics, formulate problems, judge solution correctness, and avoid ad-hoc structural analysis methods.

The plan of the course is to maintain confidentiality while using large-scale peer-to-peer domains including Wikiversity and MIT's OpenCourseWare in addition to the textbook. The course will examine the method of work instead of other approaches such as e-learning and the old approach to EML4500 (10% HW and 30% x 3 for each exam). This format allows students to be introduced to MediaWiki and stimulate collaboration with other students, teams, the professor, and the class as a whole.

There are several relevant time zones important to us (UTC, EDT, and EST). HW will be turned in according to the UTC time to maintain consistency with the Wikipedia time stamp format.

HW shortcuts should be created by attaching the URL from the archived version by going to "History" → click on the date to open archived version → copy this address to submit.

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HOMEWORK 1 IS DUE ON FRIDAY! Eas4200c.f08.carbon.clausen 20:48, 10 September 2008 (UTC)

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