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Introduction[edit | edit source]

Lecture[edit | edit source]

This is your orientation to Wikiversity 1L Program. 1L is how lawyers and law students informally refer to the first year of the law school education. Law school education (full time) in the United States is typically 3 years. The first year courses are typically: Contracts, Torts, Property, Civil Procedure, Criminal Law, and Legal Writing.

Law school experience can be quite new to many. It has its own logic and jargons. It is your job to get used to those strange terms and rules.

Some reference wikibooks you need to get before you start school.

  • Case books
  • Law outlines
  • hornbooks
  • nutshell
  • Treatise

Assignment[edit | edit source]

Read a list of law school terminology, e.g., http://www.law.gmu.edu/library/guides/glossary

Read the cases to be discussed and prepare to answer questions about them.

Complete the exercise. Legal Terminology

Subjects[edit | edit source]

Pre-Law[edit | edit source]

1L[edit | edit source]

2L[edit | edit source]

3L & Electives[edit | edit source]

Bar Review[edit | edit source]

Extracurricular Activities[edit | edit source]

Moot Court[edit | edit source]

  • Moot Court Page
  • Statement of Facts
  • Statement of the Case
  • Court Case
  • Appeal brief

Law Review[edit | edit source]

Honors[edit | edit source]

  • The Order of the Coif
  • Judicial Clerkship

Other/Miscellany[edit | edit source]

Legal Clinic