Understanding Embedded Software

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Software Engineering[edit]

Hardware / Software Co-development[edit]

Software Modeling[edit]

Events and Triggers[edit]

Hardware and Software Interfaces[edit]

  • Overview (pdf)
  • Constrol & Status Registers (pdf)


  • Preemptive Scheduling (pdf)
  • uCOS II tutorial (pdf)
  • Critical Section (pdf)

Performance Optimization[edit]

  • StarCore DSP tutorial (pdf)
  • Computing Correlation Functions (pdf)

Memory Optimization[edit]

  • Memory Optimization tutorial (pdf)

Power Optimization[edit]

  • Power Optimization tutorial (pdf)
  • Cache Optimization (pdf)

See also Cache Memory (pdf)
See also RAM Structure (A.pdf)
See also RAM Timing (B.pdf)
See also FPGA RAM (C.pdf)


  • study list (pdf)
  • final list (pdf)

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