Understanding Arithmetic Circuits

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  • Binary Adder Architecture Exploration ( pdf )
Adder type Overview Analysis VHDL Level Design CMOS Level Design
1. Ripple Carry Adder pdf pdf pdf
2. Carry Lookahead Adder pdf pdf
3. Carry Save Adder pdf
4. Carry Select Adder pdf
5. Carry Skip Adder pdf pdf
6. Carry Chain Adder pdf pdf, pdf pdf
7. Kogge-Stone Adder pdf pdf
8. Prefix Adder pdf
9.1 Variable Block Adder A, B, C
9.2 Multi-Level Variable Block Adder pdf

Adder Architectures Suitable for FPGA

[edit | edit source]
  • FPGA Carry-Chain Adder (pdf)
  • FPGA Carry Select Adder (pdf)
  • FPGA Variable Block Adder (pdf)
  • FPGA Carry Lookahead Adder (pdf)
  • Carry-Skip Adder

Barrel Shifter

[edit | edit source]

Mux Based Barrel Shifter

  • Analysis (pdf)
  • Implementation


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Array Multipliers

[edit | edit source]

Tree Mulltipliers

[edit | edit source]
  • Lattice Multiplication (pdf)
  • Wallace Tree (pdf)
  • Dadda Tree (pdf)

Booth Multipliers

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[edit | edit source]
  • Binary Divider (pdf)

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