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This quiz tests your knowledge of the US states. If there is something you missed, go back and study the material (and the articles linked to):

Everything in this quiz is included in either the US States article or one of its subpages.


1 Which of the following is not a US State?

West Virginia.

2 "Arkansas" is pronounced like "Kansas", but with an extra syllable added at the beginning.


3 Name the city where you would be able to find the Alamo (include only the city name in your answer).

4 Which state is pictured?

5 Name one of the Bay Area's three main cities.

6 Which city in the state of Michigan has an important place in the automotive industry?

7 The highest point in North Carolina is closest to which of the elevations listed below (in feet — above sea level)?

11,000 feet.
7,000 feet.
3,000 feet.
5,000 feet.

8 What is North Carolina's oldest town?