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There are many 21st century innovations from California.


Silicon Valley[edit]

While most manufacturing of high tech components have been shipped overseas, Silicon Valley is still a place of technological innovation and invention. It is in the Bay Area, a densely populated part of the state of California. (Major Bay Area cities include San Francisco, San Jose, and Oakland.) Many of the world's high-tech companies are based in the Bay Area, like the company Apple. There are many smaller companies, some of which are known as startups, as well.


California has businesses that rent out high-tech workshops to individuals.

Movie industry[edit]

In Southern California — in particular, Hollywood — is one of the world's most important regions for film-making. Added is the advantage that Hollywood is near desert country, making cowboy films relatively easy to shoot.


Farming, mostly for either food products or wine (vineyards), is common in California. However, since the state gets a limited amount of rainfall but has a large population (about 40 million people), droughts can have a devastating impact on agriculture.


Popular tourist destinations in National Parks include Yosemite and Death Valley. For its history and scenery, San Francisco has been a popular tourist destination for some time. In Southern California, tourists may go to the coastal towns, where it is fairly warm year-round.