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  • Media, individuals, interest groups, and lobbyists influence policy

I. The Media and Public Policy[edit | edit source]

The media informs policymakers and influences public policy.

Ways the media play an important role in setting the public agenda
  • Focusing public attention on selected issues
  • Offering a forum in which opposing viewpoints are communicated
  • Holding government officials accountable to the public.

Government officials use the media to communicate with the public.

II. Individuals, Interest Groups and Public Policy[edit | edit source]

Individuals and interest groups influence public policy.

  • Lobbying: Seeking to influence legislators to introduce/vote for/vote against a bill.
Ways individuals influence public policy
  • Participating in politics (seeking office, voting, campaigning)
  • Expressing opinions (lobbying, demonstrating, writing letters)
  • Joining interest groups1
Ways interest groups influence public policy
  • Identifying issues
  • Making political contributions
  • Lobbying government officials

III. Local government, international issues, and public policy[edit | edit source]

Local governments may be required to formulate, adopt, and implement public policies in response to international issues and events.

International issues and events that would require policy decisions by local government officials could include the following:

  • Public health concerns in the event of a pandemic2
  • Public safety in the event of an act of terrorism3
  • Economic development policies in response to the emerging global economy.
  • Policies to protect the environment (wildlife protection)