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Turkish numbers are relatively easy to understand. Before 10 you simply have to learn the numbers, however creating any number after 10 is easy, since you just need to add any number before 10 next to 10 or multiples of it. For example, five (beş) when used alone means 5. However if we add it next to forty(kırk) it becomes 45, or kırk-beş(Pretty much the same as forty-five).

And that's pretty much it.

Cardinal Numbers[edit]
Number Turkish English
1 bir one
2 iki two
3 üç three
4 dört four
5 beş five
6 altı six
7 yedi seven
8 sekiz eight
9 dokuz nine
10 on ten
11 on bir eleven
12 on iki twelve
13 on üç thirteen
14 on dört fourteen
15 on beş fifteen
16 on altı sixteen
17 on yedi seventeen
18 on sekiz eighteen
19 on dokuz nineteen
20 yirmi twenty
21 yirmi bir twenty-one
30 otuz thirty
31 otuz bir thirty-one
40 kırk forty
41 kırk bir forty-one
50 elli fifty
51 elli bir fifty-one
60 altmış sixty
61 altmış bir sixty-one
70 yetmiş seventy
71 yetmiş bir seventy-one
80 seksen eighty
81 seksen bir eighty-one
90 doksan ninety
91 doksan bir ninety-one
100 yüz one hundred
200 iki yüz two hundred
1000 bin one thousand
2000 iki bin two thousand
1000000 bir milyon one million
2000000 iki milyon two million
1000000000 bir milyar one billion