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Meaning of Planning[edit | edit source]

Planning is the dynamic process of determining goals, systematically selecting alternative courses of actions to achieve those goals, implementing the chosen alternatives and evaluating the choice to determine if it is successful. The planning process regards the environment which includes political, physical, social and economic elements as interrelated and interdependent components which should be taken into account in considering the future of a destination.

Reasons for Tourism Planning[edit | edit source]

This guidance, to be read alongside national planning policies, is designed to:

   * ensure that planners understand the importance of tourism and take this fully into account when preparing development plans and taking planning decisions
   * ensure that those involved in the tourism industry understand the principles of national planning policy as they apply to tourism and how these can be applied when preparing individual planning applications and
   * ensure that planners and the tourism industry work together effectively to facilitate, promote and deliver new tourism development in a sustainable way