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This article is about cooperative brainstorming on the best building, energy generation and other methods to become self-sufficient.


Construction materials[edit]

Probably the best construction materials are the ecological ones. However, depending on the region, local variants are perhaps better used (more widely available, replacable, ...). Certains buildings (silo's, domes (for sleeping), and the composting toilet tower can be made from trees (which are grafted so as to form a single tree). See http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601130&sid=a.hwYnFfAoDE

Pacific region[edit]

For the pacific region, perhaps locally appearing indiginous bamboo is best used. See Bamboostic site 1/bamboostic site 2

House designs[edit]

See General room orientation in house construction also look at Hydraulic_tables_and_chairs_design for the chairs/tables


Probably the best windturbines are those of Motorwave. See my Simplified DIY Rooftop Wind Turbine.

Other housing[edit]

Certain (industrial) buildings and towns can be cheap to obtain. See Cheap acquiring of towns and large buildings. Also ships can be obtained and made for living in (houseboats). They have the advantage that they are float and that they are movable. Areas prone to storms (Pacific/Caribbean region) and altering weather patterns might better chose for this option if they are presented the choice. Finally, a last advantage can be that if microgeneration, and sanitation, ... equipment are mounted on the boat (similar to the approach followed by GeWOONboot), the equipement too is protected and all available at a single location. See Cheap acquiring of ship


Composting toilet tower concept.png
  • Composting toilet tower concept

Food production[edit]

See Domestic_house_food_production_system

For general guidelines on how to set up your food cultivation system, see Extra_info_on_food_consumption For hunting, a compressed airgun design has been put forward

Food preservation[edit]

2 possible designs may help in this. They are:


See Compressed_air_kit_car and New car design


Earphones ear attachment concept type 1
Earphones ear attachment concept type 2

Clothing and living[edit]


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