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This article describes how to make a "civilian military-grade, multi-purpose jacket with sports pants, bag and eyewear". It was taken from my website (under CAD models).

Overview[edit | edit source]

This military-grade jacket and pants is a toughed up version of the hip-hop culture's hoodie and sports pants. It can be described as a "civilian military-grade, multi-purpose jacket with sports pants, bag and eyewear". As it has been toughed up, it is usable in all environments (including survival use), yet still remains light and casual (no military appearance). Colors are to include plain yellow, olive/drab green and kaki (all for the different environments); no "camouflage"-colors are to be used.

Make-up[edit | edit source]

Rough idea of the shoes. Note the geometry

The shoes would be rather than angular, more oval shaped and be visually somewhere in between true “skater shoes” (as Globe, Osiris, ...) and regular sportshoes (eg Nike). It would be very similar to the model of “Docker” shoes seen here next to this text. This geometric shoe-design is already very tough and can endure allot of punishment due to is oval shape (eggs have this too and are herefore also very tough in relative terms). The shoes would herefore be not only more or less as tough as regular army shoes (eg Bata shoes; see and offering the same advantages as their counterparts (protection from spines, shrubs, ...) but would be also lighter (allowing more swiftness, movability and speed). The shoes may be outfitted with ventilation designs similar to the Geox-shoes (see, ...

The bag to be worn would simply be a piece of cloth, folded together to hold all belongings (which are placed within). The bag may hold the umpc and the bag/piece of cloth itself may be folded to be used as a pillow (for use when no chairs are present to sit by knee-sitting) or it may be used as a blanket when needed. The piece of cloth/bag would feature 2 ring-attachments and a belt with fastdraws. This to reduce the time necessairy to fold the blanket and for more secure carrying. Extra items should however always be contained in extra bags so that quick reassembly of the bag can be done when it had been unfolded. Especially for those with a weak back or easily brusable ligaments, the pillow is extra handy as chairs are always worse.

The eyewear could be vintage willson welding glasses (visually similar to swimming glasses; and portraied in "The chronicles of Riddick" and "Pitch Black")/swiss mountain or swiss artillery goggles (see ), or the Oompa Loompa googles worn in Charlie and the Chocolate factory (in the area where violet gets lost) and would allow a range of functions ; eg protection from sand (eg for desert climates), water (for swimming), wind (from wind), smoke and other gases and perhaps also protection when welding/sawing and/or performing other technical activities. The Bugaboos glacier glasses by Bolle from Mountain Equipment Co-op are also similar. Alternatively, if the goggles prove to be too small to allow enough vision, U.S Army Wind Sun & Dust Goggles can be used instead, or, perhaps even better Kroops over the eyeglasses goggles[1]. (see The lenses in the goggles may be Advanced Intelligence X-Reflect lenses]. These allow (modest) nightvision, and slightlty improved vision, without needing batteries as thermal imaging goggles. Only the lenses would be used however and no recording, ...

The implementation of automatic drainage would also be a useful addition to the combined sun glasses/swim goggles.

The air supply mask would also be included to the design, yet would not be worn all the time. Rather, they would be placed in a pouch or strapped to a leg or arm so that they can be used when this is required.

A climbing harness is also included. This for safety when crossing elevations, aswell as for securing in vehicles, ...

Fingerless gloves are also to be added to the uniform, to be used when needed. When they are not required, they can be secured by a carabiner -in- or unto the bag. The righthand glove (when righthanded) is to be filled with steel around the knuckles The gloves may also be outfitted with a small metal plate just below the fingers, a bit similar to the Tekagi-shuko, but smaller to still allow grasping objects, ... with the hand.

A wristband would also be included which can be used as is (to protect a watch with integrated compass), aswell as to protect yourself from sand, gases or other substances (by using it as a dust mask). The "wristband" would be much similar to a buff). See for further details

Unique features[edit | edit source]

Based on a "hoodie", the jacket features strong waterproof material, no pouches, and a hood that is specially designed to a U-shaped, rather than round hood (which still provides good visibility). The entire suit would be used as a suit with personal load carrying equipment (PLCE).

The fabric would be very light and a bit flimsy. The suit would be made from natural, extremely durable fibres as climatex, flax, jute, hemp, ... and natural, durable coloring (by Rohner, ...) The appearance of hoodie + pants would be visually similar to the suit worn by Judas in the movie 'The Passion of The Christ", the suit worn by Altair in the video-game "Assassin's Creed" (this latter suit is a special design the team created and only loosely based on the garments worn in this period of time), and the suits worn in Morocco/Saoudi-Arabia (Djellaba, ...), Half-Life 2 rebel costumes, aswell as by "riddick" in "the chronicles of riddick" movie (the black suit of new Mekka) and the civil-guard uniform worn by him and flores in the riddick-games (Escape from Butcher's Bay). Aldough similar, some outer changes remain such as (some of) the clothes mentioned being offcourse only from one single piece, and thus not include a central zipper for the chestpiece. The pants itself would include a integrated belt (aldough integrated, the belt should be still removable). This would be small (2cm) tie-down strap with ladderlock fastener and webbing (or alternatively a rope). The belt would be worn low on the hips in order to eliminate the w:ligation of the stomach and to create a physical point of reference on the hara (similar as in Aikido).

The suit and/or the bag may be outfitted with symbols of all the capabilities of the person aswell as religion (eg chalice, cross or half moon for unitarian, catholic or muslim, ...) and other achievements (eg red hand for having inputted info at instructables, international squatters symbol for squatters, ... More presicely, the symbols may be eg a wrench for mechanics, plants experience in domestic food production systems ( may be put into a V with rice/grains plants in the V filled with dirt), allambic for distilling, power symbol for the diy electricity generation, ...) The symbols are to be imbedded into the clothing (alternatively on the fabric of the special wallet design (proposed in another document and linked below).

Benefits[edit | edit source]

The combination of hoodie and pants has many uses. It may for example be used for desert environments (pants and hoody fitting together creating air-insolation like too in a desert robe. This tight fitting is made in practice by a zipper which allows the pants and hodie of being combined or seperated, depending on the needs of the situation. Depending on the material used, it may also be used in wet or cold environments.

Cooperation[edit | edit source]

Can happen with DIY Tactical; a company specialised in diy manufacturing of clothing. Hereby, they are probably open for the special features mentioned (natural coloring and fabrics, ...).

In addition, labour force may be obtained in the debeloping world (organisations as the Grameen Bank organise textile production trough microcredit-shemes)

Users[edit | edit source]

  • Heavy-duty users (eg in the military, travel and/or specific professions and departments as fire departments, news services and agencies operating at switching locations/climates,

PS: army clothing development institutes as the FDDI can cooperate in making the clothing (see:

Notes[edit | edit source]

For the shoes, a better alternative would be a shoe completely following the pattern of the foot itself. This could be made by repeatedly submerging a foot in w:latex, guayule, ... until a suffient thickness of the sole is reached. The shoe can then be finished with some extra parts (eg ties, ...). This shoe would allow greater running speed as the toes can be more efficiently used while running.

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  1. Kroops glasses close-up