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Department description[edit]

The goal of the department of real analysis is to give rigorous backing to the machinery of calculus and the real number system. By the end of this course, a student should know the real numbers like the back of their hand, and be more than ready to learn the generalizations of topology.

Department news[edit]

  • Wednesday, August 23, 2006 - Department founded!

Courses on Real Analysis[edit]

Offsite Courses[edit]

Other Resources[edit]

Analysis is a highly technical topic and is full of pitfalls and subtle counterexamples. You will need to read and complete the exercises in at least one of the following books in addition to using this site as a supportive community of peers and teachers.

Online Textbooks[edit]

Hard-copy Textbooks[edit]

  • Lay, Steven R. (2005). Analysis With an Introduction to Proof Pearson Prentice Hall ISBN 0131481010
  • Gelbaum & Olmsted. (2003). Counterexamples in Analysis Dover Publications. ISBN 0486428753


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