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Welcome to

Learning German

To learn and teach German!

If you are familiar with German and are interested in German literature, please visit this site.

Courses in German
Introduction: Introduction
Course #1: German I
Course #2: German II
Course #3: German III
Course #4: German IV

Learning Project: German Home Immersion School

Introduction[edit | edit source]

If you are interested in participating or contributing to the German courses, please visit the Learning Projects Portal first and to contribute to this course go to the Learning German talk page.

Wikipedia gives the overview of the German Language and details on German grammar.

Beginners in German and those who wish to contribute at this level should first visit Wikibooks for the beginners course Äußern!.

The German version of Wiktionary provides all of the relevant reference material and is maintained by native speakers: Das Wikiwörterbuch.

There is also the German version of Wikipedia as a resource for practice in reading and understanding. Try looking up your country or local town and read the highlights in German.

Once you have familiarised yourself with what is available in the other Wikis you are ready to read and contribute to the Introduction.

Find other participants[edit | edit source]

see here

How to go about learning German[edit | edit source]

General[edit | edit source]

Deutsche Welle is a great source for learning. www.dw.de under "Deutsch lernen": slowly spoken German, News in German, Photo Action Calls... There are also other websites to practice too like deutsch-ueben.blogspot.com or deutschlernerblog.de. Both are great for self learning.

United Kingdom[edit | edit source]

There are special techniques required by adults to learn a new language some advice is available from Hurd, S and Murphy, L (eds) Success with Languages. ISBN 0415368375.

Self Teach - Beginners[edit | edit source]

The BBC have a number of publications that are designed for beginners in German:

  • The first of these is an audio only two CD pack called "Quickstart your German" ISBN 0563471093. This is a fine start for someone with no German at all.
  • "Talk German" is a beginers book and 2 CDs covers basic tourist situations. ISBN 0563520191.
  • "Get by in German" is a travel companion with CD. ISBN 9781406612622.
  • "Colloquial German" by Dietlinde Hatherall and Glyn Hatherall (1998) is a very straight forward beginners guide. With CDs or Cassettes the audio is clear and intertaining. The subjects are typical for beginners books (cafe, shopping, directions, time of day, sightseeing, talking about yourself etc). The book has very few pictures and illustrations which means more german for your money. There are lots of hints and tips about learning german. ISBN 0415027993.
  • In "My Daily Phrase German" Podcast teacher Catriona will guide you through the basics of the German language by introducing you to basic German in daily podcasts. There are 100 shows organisaed into a 20-week course. You can automatically download each new episode for free by subscribing in iTunes with more information at http://www.radiolingua.com/.

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