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The Itsukushima shrine gate is a famous landmark.

Welcome to the Japanese Language Department. This page is mainly for the coordination of course development. If you're looking for actual courses, go to the Japanese stream page.

To do list[edit | edit source]

  • Complete requests
  • Go through Category:Japanese and see what material should be transwikied to Wikibooks.
  • Create a course maps for learning projects.
  • Restructure existing content.
  • Attract students

Useful materials[edit | edit source]

Participants wanting to learn Japanese[edit | edit source]

  • User: 1FireFierce 9:00AM 5 April 2008 (UTC) I know how to write a little bit of Hiragana (I know a, i, u, and e. I can write and pronounce them all correctly. I'm working on 'o' right now.), and say a few words in Japanese, mainly greetings and essentials. I can pronounce the Japanese language clearly, as many people have said, and can write semi-neatly. I know the order of brushstrokes for writing. I've been usuing Japanese Wikiversity for a while, now, and I decided to sign up for this.
  • Retro eevee 04:04, 2 June 2008 (UTC) I wanna learn, too. I don't want to act like I'm proficient in anything, because I don't want to miss small important steps. I will learn from the basics and work my way up as if I had never known anything like kana or kanji.
  • User: maer 12:28am , 4th September 2008, (GMT +9:30) I want to learn Japanese. Brushing up and continuing from where I might have learnt a few years back.
  • User:ketaikeon 8 March 2008 I have studied Japanese on my own through various resources and have currently mastered all of JLPT4 vocabulary and basic grammar.
  • Lord-Siggaro 02:34, 7 October 2009 (UTC) I would like to learn some Japanese as well, even though I don't know a thing about it, but I am pretty eager to learn about it.
  • Tleonard 17:25, 28 December 2009 (GMT -8) I just started studying Japanese yesterday. I'm really not proficient in much yet. I can pronounce Japanese fairly well and say a few greetings.
  • User:Scorpio May 24, 2011 11:43 AM IST I am pretty impressed by the Japanese devotion to art and philosophy and their regular way of life. I want to learn Japanese too, though I don't know how to know hiragana from katagana and which is which, anyway. I'll start from scratch, and I have to install Japanese characters, too, right?
  • User:Renshuushi April 18, 2012 03:27 PM EST Been learning the language for about 4 years. Never took any real classes though, so I'll look forward to it, because I don't even know what level I know. Frustrating. I can read & write in kana and kanji. I'm currently practicing 3rd grade kanji. My speech and listening comprehension however... not that great, but it improves slightly each year it seems.
  • Saigō Miyamoto (discusscontribs) 04:29, 20 November 2013 (UTC) konbanwa minnasan~ My name is Saigo~ (the name I go by, at any rate) I've always loved Japan. From music, manga, and food to the history of the country and its people. I have been learning Japanese casually for a few years but have been taking formal college level classes since fall of 2012 and am continuing my studies and am always on the lookout for ways to study and improve. I can fully write in and read kana and have learned roughly 100 kanji so far. I'm able to form basic sentences both written and verbal. When it comes to verbal conversation I tend to speak slowly and deliberately as it takes me a bit of thinking to get it all right first and I try my best to speak with the proper rhythm, pronunciation, and accent (which according to my sensei,who is a Japanese native, my accent is excellent, verging on native :3)and my listening comprehension is improving.

Experienced Participants[edit | edit source]

  • Xlbnushk 17:53, 28 October 2006 (UTC) -- I've lived in Japan for almost six years. I've mastered hiragana and katakana, and know enough kanji to be able to read a typical Japanese newspaper without looking anything up. My speech and writing skills aren't even close to those of a native speaker, but given time to think about it, I can formulate coherent thoughts in Japanese. My dad has spent half his life in Japan, and has written over a dozen different books about the language. All that is to say that I'm very familiar with it. I'd prefer for somebody else to handle the organization (of lessons, etc.), so that I could focus on content, but I can do a little bit of both if necessary. Contact me on my user page if I can help...
  • Electroswoosh 15:54, 1 November 2006 (UTC) I'm currently studying Japanese in college under an intensive program, as my focus. I've completed a year and a half after this semester, leaving me able to have a basic conversation. I also know hiragana and katakana, and upwards of 75 kanji (though I should know more...it's my weak point). I have a firm grasp on all the grammar I've learned so far, since (for me, anyway) it's so simple. Because I'm currently majoring in Japanese in school, I improve every day. Feel free to contact me if you need any help.
  • Hiroki (talk • email • contribs • stats • logs • global account) -- I added some Kanji to your proposed course. I believe studying Japanese in Japanese is a key to success.
  • Limetom (talk • email • contribs • stats • logs • global account) -- I too am currently earning a Japanese degree. I'll contribute where I can.
  • Shnur (talk • email • contribs • stats • logs • global account) -- I'm another one majoring in Japanese at university. I'd love to help out.

The last of these has the most recent edit in January 2008. --Swift 11:21, 28 October 2009 (UTC)

Department News[edit | edit source]

  • 19 November 2007 Restructuring stalled
  • 28 March 2007 Restructuring started!
  • 7 November 2006 Department created!

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