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Tongue Twisters written by Igor Status (The Netherlands) To get the full effect of a tongue twister you should try to repeat it several times, as quickly as possible, without stumbling or mispronouncing.

Asia providers provide casual clothes worldwide.

Rose has sewn a bloody beautiful blue blouse with black and red roses.

Clammy clams clamber along a can camber to get to the clabber.

Languorous regulators angrily and regularly regulated regulators.

He thinks his intense thoughts should bring to the brilliant results. He says what he thinks, but he does not think what he says.

If you charge non-rechargeable batteries, you’d better mind a flutter; do it not floppy but properly without cutter - a result does not matter.

In a sense, the consequence of the consentient pretense gives sense in talking nonsense when fencing the constituency to mend your fences before the elections.

Jack from Jacksonville has a knack to make cracklings.

Once lived eleven lively elves in a little littoral village.

Several external extensive territories are terribly and extraordinarily extended.

The instructor used an extractor to extract some extraction for insects.

The pirates` private property was probably promptly and properly roped with a rope and put on board by Bob and Rob.

When toting a tote, do not totter so that the tote bought would be brought.

Which of these benevolent pet animals does benefit: black-beetle, rat, bat or elephant?

Mr. Write is in a desperate plight, trying to write right. He is right that he has no fright to write not right enough. He is inclined to keep fighting for right writing.

William was willing to make his will in favour of Willy, Winnie and Will.