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This learning project helps people to manage their time.

Time Survey[edit | edit source]

We'll begin this project with an evaluation of how we use our time currently. This is most easily done through a time survey, where we review how we are using time now by tracking what we do.

There are several approaches to a time survery. One is to have a clock/watch that chimes every hour/half hour, and we stop for a minute and record what we are doing. The other way is record what you do as you change tasks, along with the time spent on the task. Both have their benefits, but pick one that you can stick with.

We don't need to record every minute of time, just our target times. So, if you are looking to manage time better at work, that is the time we focus on. If it's a better use of leisure time, we only have to focus on that.

We should record for a few days, so that we get a sense of daily routines and some patterns should start to emerge. A full week would be ideal, but some people can't keep up the recording process that long. Lastly, try to ensure that you are picking days that are close to your normal schedule. If your day includes something that is out of the ordinary, it will skew the results.