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What is a blog? A web log! A weblog is a type of website or intranet. Weblogs may be used for many purposes in fact they may contain any digital media. Contemplate that and let the fullness and richness of the possibilities open in your awareness. Writing is one modality of inclusion. People may also leave auditory logs and audiovisual for example. As a part of creating our weblog we are also going to learn about weblog aggregation. If we aggregate all blogs for this learning initiative we will have a powerful learning and efficient tool and way to keep each other informed of innovations and developments. It is also a way that we may all support others as our awareness of each others progress will be academic. This information will also be a file cache to progress the learning of other interested parties in future. The learning potential and yield is exponential.

Theory (Readings)[edit | edit source]

Practice (Activities)[edit | edit source]

Twitter[edit | edit source]

  • Twitter, a useful microblogging tool and Wikiversity is represented. It is recommended that all Wikiversity contributors follow Wikiversity on Twitter.

Establish familiarity with the Wikiversity Userpage[edit | edit source]

  • Wikiversity:User_page
  • customize your individual userpage and create the weblog annexation from the userpage

Creating a Wikiversity weblog instructions[edit | edit source]

Additional activities[edit | edit source]

  • extract salient points from readings and summarize readings
  • please place the following category code at the bottom of your weblog pages: [[Category:Tibetan language]]
  • please place the following category code at the bottom of your weblog pages: [[Category:Blogs]]