Tibetan language/Registration and introductions

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Registration[edit | edit source]

If you are interested in becoming involved in whatever capacity with this language learning initiative, please register your interest within the Tibetan section of the Participant Coordination Register, Centre for Foreign Language Learning.

Introductions[edit | edit source]

Once you have registered interest as per above, please introduce yourself by leaving a note to all other people who have listed themselves as interested parties by leaving a note on their TalkPage. If you are unsure what this is or how to do this, give it a go and just see if you can intuitively find your way to do this. If not, do not be discouraged, as you will have instructions posted on your Wikiversity TalkPage which will provide information and resources for direction and assistance. This is generally done immediatley after signing up with Wikiversity, but sometimes you may have to wait until you next log in.

Important[edit | edit source]

If any of the following syllabus or course information within this learning initiative is challenging to understand or of questionable benefit in your valuable opinion as an experienced and experiential learner and teacher, please document what it is and either inform another project participant or place an outline of the recommendation or reservation it in the Tibetan Language/Developmental initiatives.