Three-dimensional chess

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basic pieces
3D chess cube.png 3D chess rhombic dodecahedron.png 3D chess octahedron.png
(0, 0, 1)
(0, 1, 1)
rhombic dodecahedron
bishop (colorbound)
(1, 1, 1)
3D chess moves 001.png
Target points form an octahedron.
3D chess moves 011.png
Target points form a cuboctahedron.
3D chess moves 111.png
Target points form a cube.
knight like pieces
3D chess tetrakis hexahedron.png 3D chess deltoidal icositetrahedron.png 3D chess triakis octahedron.png
(0, 1, 2)
tetrakis hexahedron
(1, 1, 2)
irregular deltoidal icositetrahedron
(1, 2, 2)
irregular triakis octahedron
3D chess moves 012.png
Target points form a truncated octahedron.
3D chess moves 112.png
Target points form an irregular rhombicuboctahedron.
3D chess moves 122.png
Target points form an irregular truncated cube.