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The Theaetetus of Plato By Myles Burnyeat, M. J. Levett page 327

In short did God create the whole universe 6000 years ago or has the canvas grown as people wandered about it. Was the garden a zone (zone - a locally circumscribed place characterized by some distinctive features) in an expanse of nothing. It wouldn't even need to be an island because there would be no need to consider a body of water much less a sea, surely the great cosmic expanse that the Hubble is exploring today would have been of no economic use during the voyage of Noah. It would be revealed in the World of Warcraft. Unprecieved space is undrawn in the economy of creation in that man made world. Human's are limited in gigabits and God is limited in nothing. Still the tree that falls in the wood is heard by God only if it is his pleasure to hear it.

I think that many of the stories make literal sence in an Economy of Creation. Adam and Eve in a finite garden with decorative lights in the sky. One in the Day one in the night. Cain kills his brother and needs a mate. We have a city and some social structures. Those social stuctures start milling around and acting negatively. Flood the whole "place". Create rain and rainbows. Harvest and seasons. They unite and build a tower. Create histories, cultures, dialects. It just seems to make sence. As science progresses God invents. A woman is cold on a cold day God in Love inspires her to rub her hands. God invents friction and she discovers warmth. She gives it a word an shows a friend they experiment and friction becomes fire. God smiles and stokes the Sun with great forests of wood. Who nows if smoke was invented to make a meal taste better. If one morning the fire had no smoke and the following day it did. Who would note it? In a week what was would be forgotten and what now is would be commonplace. Whole generations would erupt from nowhere as a creature whould crest a hill. Whole societies would be created with History thoughts and vices to serve the interest and pleasure of God. To test or to rest those in God's keeping.

Why the earth could be comfortably flat for centuries before God invented and columbus discovers a landmass. The form is drawn with ear to prayer of sailor and delight of creator with pen. Darwin sets off on a voyage of fate, we discover and all the while God is curious and involved in the movement and shifts of biology, geology, physics and space.

What mysteries exist on the fringe of our vision. Will the prayers of Alien seekers be answered in the nearby reaches? Will scientists say, "It was there all along but the radioactive dust that shielded us has moved. Radioactive dust does that. We were suprised to discover that it did but now that we look at the dust it is clearly moving. What is amazing is that that particular cloud is nine billion years old and if it hadn't been that old we wouldn't have seen Planet J. Bla Bla Bla." Or will we find a damaged relic in Antartica that "Puts the nail in the coffin of creationists."