Theology/Seminary Notes/06012009

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May the Lord add His blessing to this report and effort to continue what Richard has started. By God's Good Grace, may Richard continue to be an inspiration and guide to our efforts.


Age range was set at 8-18 Focus will be on Drama, with the first performance 3/29/09 at 6pm at Friendship Sancuary.

Writers were given the suggestion of a modern day Last Supper and to seperate the parts into groups.

James Weaver was contacted and he can help do dance but will be limited in the times that he can help out.

A sign in/ flyer with list of program options could include: Tutoring, Drama, Singing, Dance, Art, Film, Television, and Basketball.

Program can be in cycles of month to month and a half. First cycle will be Drama.

Thank you and Praise God.