The necessities in Microprocessor Based System Design

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Microprocessor Architecture[edit]

ARM Cortex-M Processor Architecture[edit]

Instruction Set Architecture[edit]

ARM ISA[edit]

  • Assembly Language (pdf)
  • Machine Language (pdf)

Assembly Programming[edit]

ARM Assembly Programming[edit]

  • Programming Structure (pdf)
  • Stack & Frame Pointers (pdf)
  • ARM Assembly Exercises (A.pdf, B.pdf)

Memory and Peripheral Architecture[edit]

System and Peripheral Buses[edit]

Serial Bus[edit]

Interrupts and Exceptions [edit]

Timers [edit]


H/W and S/W Synchronization[edit]

  • busy wait synchronization
  • handshake interface

Interrupt Synchronization[edit]

  • interrupt synchronization
  • reentrant programming
  • buffered IO
  • periodic interrupt
  • periodic polling

Interfacing [edit]

Time Interfacing[edit]

  • input capture
  • output compare

Serial Interfacing[edit]

  • Programming UART
  • Programming SPI
  • Programming I2C
  • Programming USB

Analog Interfacing[edit]

  • OP Amp
  • Filters
  • ADC
  • DAC

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