The necessities in Filter Theory

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Background [edit]

Bode plot[edit]

See swarthmore

OP Amp[edit]

Overview (pdf)

See Hyperphysics

Analog Filter Analysis (Continuous Time) [edit]

First Order Filters[edit]

Second Order Filters[edit]

Digital Filter Analysis (Discrete Time) [edit]

Digital Filter Realizations[edit]

  • Tapped Delay (A.pdf)
  • Direct Form
  • Canonical Form
  • Cascade Form

FIR (Finite Impulse Response) Filters[edit]

  • Block Processing Methods
  • Sample Processing Methods
  • Window Method
  • Kaiser Window
  • Frequency Sampling Method

IIR (Infinite Impulse Response) Filters[edit]

  • Bilinear Transform
  • 1st Order Lowpass and Highpass Filters
  • 2nd Order Lowpass and Highpass Filters
  • Parametric Equalizer Filters
  • Comb Filters
  • High Order Filters

Example Octave Codes for Digital Filters[edit]

Octave Functions for Filters[edit]

  • Octave Functions for Filters (A.pdf)

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