The efficacy of Esperanto for interlinguistic communication

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This is a research project to determine the efficacy of the international constructed auxiliary language Esperanto for interlinguistic communication. For this study, we need at least two willing monolingual volunteers, each of whom speaks a different language from the other. The languages must be among the languages supported by, as lernu will be a central part of this project. Each volunteer must commit to at least forty total hours of Esperanto study as well as frequent practice speaking Esperanto to the other participants.

Please translate this page and post it to another language's Wikiversity if you are able to.

To sign up to be a participant, you must be monolingual and speak a language that no other student speaks. Add your name to the Students page if you meet those qualifications.

To sign up to be a research collaborator, add your name to Collaborators page. Research collaborators are expected to be somehow useful to the research; for example, managing another language's mirror of this group of pages and contributing your own skills.

If you translate this page to another Wikiversity (which is absolutely necessary for this project to work), please add a link on the Translations page. Thanks.