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Revolution 1st President 2nd President 3rd President 4th President

George Washington

1789 - 1797

John Adams

1797 - 1801

Thomas Jefferson

1801 - 1809

James Madison

1809 - 1817

For an in depth look at the 2nd US President, follow this link: John Adams.

Elected: 1st Term in 1796

Presidency: 1797 to 1801

Major US Laws[edit | edit source]

The following is a list of major laws in US History signed by John Adams during his presidency:

  • Alien and Sedition Acts, multiple acts designed to protect the United States from alien citizens of foreign powers and to prevent seditious attacks from weakening the government.

Major US Events[edit | edit source]

Foreign Affairs[edit | edit source]

Major World Events[edit | edit source]

Interesting Facts[edit | edit source]

John Adams was the first president to:

  • Live in the White House.
  • Only serve one term.
  • Serve as president in the 19th century.