The Role of Manganese As a Controller of Gold Mineralization/Acknowledgements

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The initial sampling and analytical programmes were carried out by the author and his colleague Jorge Cruz Martín in 1986, during the preparation of a project for the detail survey of the San José de Las Malezas deposit for the Geological Enterprise "Santa Clara" in Cuba. The Provincial Laboratory associated to the Geological Enterprise “Santa Clara” provided the analysis of the samples, including the determination of fluorine by a technique designed by the Bulgarian specialist Lazarina Lazarova Ignátova.

I wish to thank Dr. W. Trzcienski for his suggestions and discussions during the preparation of this paper, and also to Dr. Christopher Brooks and Dr. Alex Brown for their review and criticism. I want also to thank Dr. Chris Gammons in particular for his support and guidance, and also for his fair and constructive criticism. Finally, from the big community of the INTERNET, I specially thank Margaret Donelick of the O.D.P. Project and dr. P.J. Kenney from the British Geological Survey for their comments and suggestions on the nature and composition of the slabs fluids.

Special THANKS to Andrew Whitworth for donating his time and his effort in uploading this paper here.