The Necessities in Electric Circuits

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Mathematical Background[edit]

  • Complex Numbers (pdf)
  • Trigonometry (pdf)
  • Vector Space (pdf)

DC Circuits[edit]

  • DC Circuits (pdf)
  • Kirchhoff (pdf)
  • DC Equivalent Circuits (pdf)
  • Thevenin & Norton Circuits (H1.pdf)

Circuit Elements[edit]


  • C & L Comparison (pdf)

DC Circuits

  • Capacitors in a DC circuits (pdf)
  • Inductors in a DC circuits (pdf)

AC Circuits

  • Capacitors in a AC circuits (pdf)
  • Inductors in a AC circuits


  • Phasors (pdf)
  • Impedance (pdf)
  • AC Equivalent Circuits (H1.pdf)

AC Circuits[edit]

  • RC Circuits (pdf)
  • RL Circuits (pdf)
  • RLC 1st Order Circuits (H1.pdf)
  • RLC 2nd Order Circuits (H1.pdf)



  • Network Analysis (pdf)
  • DC Circuits (pdf)
  • Some Examples (pdf)

Using Scientific Calculators[edit]

See also The Necessities in Mircoelectronic Circuits
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