The Hundred Years War and its Aftermath

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The Hundred Years War and its Aftermath The Hundred Years War was an era of war laying the stepping stones for the further development of France and England. The war, which was a series of successive battles and truces, lasted for 116 years or even more, depending which dates one uses as start and stop time.

Prelude to the War

Research offers 3 dates in an attempt to pinpoint the reasons of the war. The earliest date is 1066 and is linked with William the Conqueror, sometimes also called William the Bastard (before the battle of Hastings). Due to his victory William linked England and France under one crown and by this lay the "founding stone" of the conflict. The second more common date is 1154. The third most renowned date is 1337, which was also used in order to give the Hundred Years War its name.