The History of the Paralympic Movement in Australia/Meetings/Brisbane 26 May 2012

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This event will be a Workshop to flesh out Chapter Two of the book.

May 26 & 27
The Edge, State Library of Queensland

Program[edit | edit source]

  • Arrive Sat Morning
  • Sat Afternoon Wikipedia Session: 1pm-5pm - The Edge
  • Sat Night social function: ~6pm: West End (See w:Wikipedia:Meetup/Brisbane/5 for details)
  • Sun Morning Wikipedia Session: 10am-12:30am - SLQ Level 4: Meeting Room A
  • Sun afternoon HOPAU project meeting: 2pm-5pm - The Edge

Workshop details[edit | edit source]

Saturday afternoon

The Saturday afternoon session will use a chapter of the written history that UQ sports historian Murray Phillips is writing about the "The History of the Paralympic Movement in Australia" (HOPAU) as the basis for creating and expanding Wikipedia articles about the Paralympic movement in Australia.

Murray’s outline of the chapter identifies the key topics that need to be expanded on Wikipedia in order to complement the development of the written history.

In this session Murray will share what he has in mind, and participants will be collaborating with him to flesh it out. Wikipedians and the Paralympic community will identify which topics the wiki folk should focus on for the next few months in order to be able to work together with his research assistants.

The afternoon session will incorporate whiteboards and discussion about the topics, investigating any potential notability/verifiability issues related to these topics, and allocating topics to people who would like to work on them.

At the conclusion of the session, we'll have a list of topics on the wiki so that the online community can join the discussion and collaboration.

Sunday morning

The Sunday morning session will be more focused on content, with participants working individually or in small groups. Participants will be in the stacks, finding resources, scanning, and writing articles.

In both sessions APC staff, Murray Phillips and related UQ staff/students will be working together with Wikipedians to learn how to edit Wikipedia.

Topics[edit | edit source]

International Competitions

International Stoke Mandeville Games/Paralympics

  • Paralympic Games (Rome 1960)*
  • Paralympic Games (Tokyo 1964)*
  • Paralympic Games (Tel Aviv 1968)*
  • Paralympic Games (Heidelberg 1972)*

Commonwealth Paraplegic Games (joint WP page)

  • Perth 1962
  • Kingston, Jamaica 1966
  • Edinburgh 1970
  • Dunedin 1974

National Competitions (Australian Paraplegic Games/National Wheelchair Games/National Paraplegic and Quadriplegic Games)

  • Melbourne 1960
  • Sydney 1962
  • South Australia (1964)
  • Brisbane (1966)
  • Perth (1968)
  • Melbourne (1970)
  • Sydney (1972)

International Stoke Mandeville Games/Paralympics

Prominent Identities (athletes and support staff)


  • Daphne Ceeney (NSW)*
  • Ross Sutton (NSW)*
  • Robin Tourrier (QLD)
  • Gary Hooper (NSW)*
  • Kevin Coombs*
  • Frank Ponta**
  • Bill Mather-Brown*
  • Bruno Moretti*
  • Chris O’Brien
  • Kevin Cunningham
  • Roger Cockerill
  • John Turich

Support –

  • Kevin Betts*
  • Dr David Cheshire
  • John ‘Johno’ Johnston
  • Fred Ring(?)


  • Bruce Thwaites (Captain) (NSW)
  • Gary Hooper (NSW)*
  • Trevor French (NSW)
  • John Martin (NSW)*
  • Allan McLucas (NSW)*
  • Daphne Ceeney (NSW)*
  • Elizabeth Edmondson (WA)**
  • Marion O’Brien (WA)*
  • Lionel Cousens (WA)
  • Bill Mather-Brown (WA)*
  • Frank Ponta (SA)**
  • Roy Fowler (QLD)*
  • Vic Renalson (QLD)**
  • Michael Dow (VIC)*
  • Elaine Schreiber (VIC)*
  • Rerserves – M. Tamminen (QLD), J. Gidney (NSW)
  • Leader: George Bedbrook**
  • Manager: ‘Johno’ Johnston
  • Attendants: Kevin Betts* and William (Bill) Gibb
  • Nurse, Miss M Buzacott
  • Baggage master: Cyril C. Thomas
  • Volunteers: K. Pinchers (fencing coach) and Tim Timmermans (swim coach)


  • P Smith
  • D Workman
  • Sally Lamb
  • Cherrie Ireland (nee Loydstrom)
  • Elaine Schreiber*
  • Marion O’Brien*
  • Daphne Hilton*
  • Elizabeth Edmonson*
  • Lorraine Dodd*
  • Kevin Coombs *
  • Bill Mather-Brown*
  • Bruno Moretti*
  • Frank Ponta** (Basketball Captain?)
  • Gary Hooper*
  • Kevin Betts
  • Vic Renalson** (Team Captain?)
  • K Munro
  • Roy Fowler*
  • K Bawden
  • B Chambers
  • Kevin Cunningham
  • Robert McIntyre**
  • John Beattie
  • Peter Burt
  • Allan McLucas*
  • A South
  • Alan Conn*
  • F Blums
  • N Simmonds
  • D Watts
  • J Newton
  • John Martin*
  • Team Manager – ‘Johnno’ Johnston
  • Senior Medical Officer (and International Stoke Mandeville Games Committee member) – George Bedrock**
  • Attendants – Kevin Betts*, M Wilson, William (Bill) Gibb, J McCafferty, Miss J Tyler, Miss N Noyce
  • Nursing Aids – Mrs A Coops, Mrs Gary Cooper, Mrs Kevin Cunningham


  • Eric Bolter*
  • Alan Conn*
  • Kevin Coombs (Basketball team captain)*
  • Pauline English*
  • Pam Foley
  • Roy Fowler*
  • Tracey Freeman*
  • Terry Giddy**
  • Cherrie Ireland (nee Loydstrom)
  • Libby Kosmala**
  • Eric Magennis
  • John Martin*
  • Rob McIntyre**
  • Bob McMillan
  • Brian McNicoll**
  • Frank Ponta**
  • Vic Renalson**
  • Cliff Rickard
  • Eric Russell**
  • Victor Salvemini
  • Elaine Schreiber*
  • Tony South*
  • Team Nurse – Nadine Mather-Brown
  • Team Physio – Don Perriman

� Other Identities

  • Jeff Wiseman (admin NSW)
  • Dr John Grant (Medico, Sydney)
  • Dr John Yeo (Medico, Sydney)
  • Herb Sanderson (remedial gymnast Vic)
  • Geoff Luke (remedial gymnast Vic)
  • Fred Gibbs (remedial gymnast Qld)
  • Vernon Hill (physio Qld)

Attendees[edit | edit source]

  1. John Vandenberg (talk)
  2. Graham87 (talk)
  3. Hawkeye7 (talk)
  4. Tony1 (talk)
  5. KteachK (talk)
  6. Murray Phillips (University of Queensland)
  7. w:user:Melissa Carlton
  8. w:user:Irenah
  9. Pat Ollerenshaw
  10. w:user:Aussiesportlibrarian
  11. Tony Naar (Australian Paralympic Committee)
  12. Rebekka Wake (Australian Paralympic Committee)
  13. Tim Mannion (Australian Paralympic Committee)
  14. Cathy Lambert - South Australia (Australian Paralympic Committee)
  15. w:user:Theepsteins (Sunday only)
  16. w:User:Stownsend5 (Sunday Only)
  17. w:User:Lankiveil - (Saturday afternoon only)